About Us

Welcome to Pretty Random Design!  

That’s really random,  you must think. That’s because, our designs are not trend driven, it’s based on our inspirations at the time and the materials we work with. We keep growing with our experiences and innovations. We believe in creating something unique and fun each time by staying true to our minimal yet fusion aesthetic. 

About the Founder: 

Founded by Arsheen Moosa, an alumni from NIFT close to 5 years ago. This brand wasn’t planned, it was solely on some experimentation while having a full time job. She started working with local artisans in Chennai and creating samples that sometime would work and sometimes be a lesson well learnt. Each piece you see, is completely hand-crafted from scratch. Through all this , the brand has grown slowly and organically and only makes us that much more grateful everyday. We’re still a small team, and a small company, but our ideas are big. 

 Since the past year we have been fortunate to showcase in different cities in India, and the love we’ve received is something we can’t put in words. To our followers on social media and our loyal customers who’ve bought our products and come back time and again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And to all our new customers, we look forward to getting to know you and giving you all a sole of happiness! 

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