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Featured on Little Black Book, Bangalore ( LBB)

When It Comes To Kolhapuri Chappals, Age Is No Bar For This Bangalore Brand 3 May Photo source: Pretty Random Pretty Random Design +919884464911 More Ten-Second Takeaway If you’re looking for something colourful and comfy for your feet this summer, look no further than Chennai {now in Bangalore} based footwear brand — Pretty Random Design. These guys offer everything from Kolhapuris to colourful chappals whether you are 5 or 55. And they customise too! Not So Random After All Photo source: Pretty Random The chappals are handcrafted by skilled artisans and custom made to fit with fun styles and colours, making the summer a tad bit more bearable. Pretty Random Design’s selection of open-toed footwear comes with a fun fusion of traditional...

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The Sole Summer Workshop

Hello! Presenting to you our first ever workshop in Bangalore. For all of you who have been following our work over the years, you would know, that we started out with creating these fun and edgy hand-painted kolhapuris. We still take orders on these, but for a change we thought why not have a workshop and do it together :) So, come meet us and join in on a day of colour and fun. Not to forget its all designed by you!  Where is it happening? It's at The Arts Village on St Marks road. A beautiful nook in the heart of the city. This lovely place, hosts a ton of events for kids and adults. If you like Yoga,...

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